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Monday, 1-Dec-2008 14:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Time...Let's Celebrate !!

I'm feeling happy...Super Duper Happy ! Well of course there is a reason behind it...Well, today is my 3rd Wedding Anniversary with hubby dearest Happy 3rd Anniversary Sayang It has been a wonderful 3 years...with lotsa joy and laughters...

Dear Daddy, thanks for being a wonderful husband and a super cool daddy to Cikonet.. I cherish every moment that we're together and i always pray to God that our loves will remain stronger and stronger each day. I'm glad to have found somebody who i can grow old and wrinkled with



Mommy + Cikonet

Monday, 20-Oct-2008 05:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Selamat Hari Raya Semua !!!

3 of us..emmil couldn't be bothered with the camera
i love this moment
and this moment too!
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This year the whole Pak Mail's family went back to KL to celebrate raya. This happened to be the first time for Emmil beraya with Nyang's family. Syokkkkkkkkk...mummy pun sangat seronok ehehehe...
Orange was our theme for raya. Sangat susah nak suruh Emmil pakai songkok..Sampin tuh pun selamat melekat..else tercabut jugak rasanya...this year jugak, we failed to get nice family photo for the 3 of us..Emmil tanak duk diam2..haihhhh...penat pujuk...Here are some of our raya pics..enjoy!!!

Monday, 22-Sep-2008 06:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Short Trip to Phuket

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Syok jugak after loads of hard work then dapat pegi for a shrt get away...

Thursday, 17-Jul-2008 06:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Shanghai and Suzhou Trip

Hong Kong Airport
Shanghai - from room view
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I was away for a biz trip last week. 7 days in Shanghai and Suzhou for audits with the sub cons. It was kind of hard to leave Emmil nowdays especially now when he already knows how to reveal his emotions. Somehow on the other side i know that i left Emmil in safe hands..my parents and parents in law took turns to look after this cheeky boy of mine

7 days in shanghai and suzhou were filled with works and shopping till nite. owh boy..i was truly exhausted.

Since only God knows when i'm coming back again, i took all the chances i had to go round the places which i can barely remember the names. i can only remember Nanjing rd...Huang Pu River..what else..i think that was it..i only remember 2 out of so many

But i was very very fascinated by the skycrappers in Shanghai. Jakun i must say. the architectures were Brilliant !! in Suzhou nothing much to look fwd other than a very great place to get pure Silk. Silk is a must buy there.

Temperature wise is not as friendly as you thought. During summer the temp revolves around 34-38 degrees:-O That was a turn off for me actually. i was drenched in sweats although i just moved like 5 steps forward so, bersyukur lah panas kat Malaysia nih..kira ok lah tuh

Not much pics were taken. I was too busy catching up with my frens. By the way, there are 20 millions population in Shanghai alone !

Wednesday, 25-Jun-2008 02:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
6 months had passed

6 months had passed and Emmil will turn 18 months tomorrow. Since then i only managed to complete 5 simple pages for his storyboard album. 5 down and 6 more to go... When this album is ready for viewing ? 5 Pages = 6 months.. 7 page ? = ...u do the MATH !

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